Rapper Viper

The rapper Viper's most recent works include:

Viper-Kid Vipe
The rapper Viper's style is very unique. How he operates is making as many songs as possible in a short period of time. In 2014 alone he released 347 albums. Not songs, whole albums. He then lets his fans edit and create music videos for his work most of the time, as he does not have time to make them himself. This leads to just about every one of his songs being trash. He is also famous for the very upfront and questionable names of his songs, making the amount of redeemable qualities his music has null.
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Viper has many "classy" and infamous tracks. Some of these are "You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack", his most famous one, "F*** Tha World, It Ain't Real I Bend The Spoon Wit My Mind 2", showcasing how he's running out of ideas if that's the second album he's made with that name.
Check out his work here, don't know if i'd recommend it
He is my favorite artist because I feel sorry for him, but also his music can be entertainingly bad. There's nothing quite like watching Viper slowly bob back and forth as he mumbles lyrics that make no sense to Garage Band beats and low quality flashing backgrounds. Even though he makes 3-5 songs everyday he also has time to be a real estate broker in Texas, so that's confusing.
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Note that all of his album covers look the same, probably because he makes 350 a year and doesn't have time to make them different.